Parkway Bowl

Parkway Bowl FUNdraisers

Bowling fundraisers are a great way to earn money for your sports team, club, church or any group. Groups can earn a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on participation and format you choose. Here are just some ways you can earn money for your group:

Parkway Cosmic Blast

Make your fundraiser an event! Our state-of-the-art Cosmic bowling features a private room of eight lanes with glow-in-the-dark fun, great music, laser lights, fog and FUN! You pay a set price per lane for your event, including rental and bowling shoes for your participants. You charge individuals a flat fee say $15 or $20 each for bowling, with the proceeds benefiting your group. (8 lanes at $67.95 = $545.00, 5 bowlers per lane at $15 = $600, 6 bowlers per lane at $15 = $720. You make $55 to $175 for your group, at $20 per bowler you would make $255 to $415) Our Cosmic 8 private bowling lanes are limited to 8 lanes at a time, so this is an EXCLUSIVE Event!! Enhance your fundraising with a silent auction and/or raffle. You can also include food to make your fundraiser an event.  If your group needs more than 8 lanes ask about an event in the main bowl with up to 60 lanes.

Bowl-a-Thon Events

Your group goes out and gets pledges per pin knocked down or flat rate donations. Then, at a set time, your group comes in and bowls, then goes back and collects the money that is owed. The bowling fees are charged to each person participating. Increase participation by getting donated prizes to award the participants who raise the most money. The bowl-a-thon can be set up for two or three games and bowling fees are based on day/time and the number of games bowled.

Per-bowler Events

Your group promotes this event to individuals or groups. Each bowler pays a fee for the event with the proceeds benefiting your organization.  For example, bowlers pay $25 for the event, you pay Parkway Bowl $15, the $10 proceeds goes to your organization.  If you have 50 bowlers the organization makes $500.   Getting donated door prizes is a great addition to this event. Having food and drinks is also a big bonus for the event goers.

Boardwalk Events

Events can be booked Monday – Thursday with the pizza restaurant.  Groups then promote the event and as guests make purchases on the night of the event a % of the sale is returned to the organization.

Benefits of a Bowling Fundraiser

Bowling is a fun activity. Participation can be enjoyed by all ages. Everyone is together having a great time, not spread out. Your event won’t be cancelled or fail due to bad weather. Our staff is there to help you through the entire process. Bowling balls are available for use at no extra charge. We do the set-up and clean up. No more selling candy or subscriptions door-to-door. Our center is smoke-free for your comfort.

We put the FUN in FUNdraising!!

All pricing are for examples only, please contact our Event / Party Coordinator for specific questions, pricing and date availability.  To book a Fundraiser for your group call (619) 448-4111 Ext. 113, email bill-r@nd-inc.com or you may complete the form below and click SEND button.