Parkway Bowl

Special Events

All Night Party
Junior High Students ages 11-14

All Night Party check-in procedures

Parking Lot
At 10PM we will start passing out wristbands to those who have the student count form that they received when they entered our parking lot. As cars enter our lot from Cuyamaca and the West entrance from Festler we will have an individual greet each car. (The East entrance from Festler will NOT be a check-in point) Each car will be given a student count form with that will have information about the party, plus we will write a headcount on this form of the number of students that are in the car. This headcount will be used at 10PM when we start passing out the first of two wristbands students will receive to enter the party. Once cars have checked in they will be directed to specific parking spaces within our lot to wait until 10PM. Parents / guardians will have to stay with the students in their car until they receive their wristbands. Once we reach our capacity we will post signs at the driveways stating “Sold Out”.

At 10PM we will go to each parked car and provide wristbands for the headcount that is on the form that each car was given when they arrive. Students must be in the car to receive their wristband. If the form is lost, given away or altered the students in that car will not receive wristbands to enter the party. Once students have received their first wristband they may proceed to the Boardwalk West entrance to show their ID to enter the party. Parents / Guardians are encouraged to stay with their students until they have entered the party. Once inside students will turn in their sign-in form and receive their tokens, pizza ticket and a second wristband to show that they have checked in. Parents are welcome to come into the party at any time for any length of time FREE without charge.

Junior league bowlers
Students in our junior and family leagues who receive a pass for the all night event will check in at the Bowl desk starting at 10PM to receive their first wristband. They will then show their ID at the Boardwalk West entrance and turn their sign-in form in to receive their tokens, pizza ticket and second wristband. Junior bowlers must check-in at the Bowl desk by 11PM to be able to enter the party.

All students must be able to prove that they are between the ages of 11-14.
Students with school identification between 6th grade and 8th grade will be accepted.

Acceptable Identification
• School ID with the students name, picture, grade and year of validation
• State ID’s with the students name, picture and date of birth
• A school year book with the students name, picture, grade and year of issue
• A Passport
• Class pictures that have the year of print, grade and students name

Not acceptable forms of Identification:
• Information on a cell phones, tablet or other electronic devices
• Computer printout
• Handwritten information
• Parents / guardians / friends
• Birth certificate (a birth certificate can only be used to establish age in conjunction with another ID, a birth certificate is not identification)